You Made My Day…..

you made my day

‘You made my day!’ Isn’t this the best thing to hear?

Well, let me tell you, it’s the best thing to say too. After all, if you’re immensely pleased when you make a difference in someone else’s life, don’t you think another individual would also feel the same when you credit them for making your day?

And so, this one statement is effective either ways. The one who speaks it is as happy as the one who hears it.

In my high school years, I had this amazing group. We became friends during practical hours. After a year, the management shuffled our batches. The first practical without them was frustrating. I was irritated and cranky by the end of the day. I’d thought, they must have had fun, chit chatted, mimicked teachers and not missed me at all. But guess, I was wrong! The moment we met they screamed, “We missed you so much!”

Yes! It made my day!

Life is too short to wait for big things to happen to be happy. It’s the little things that provide us with the daily doses of happiness. And at the end it’s the little things that matter, don’t they?

If you wait for life to bring you joy

Then maybe you will wait forever

If you don’t grab little moments now

You won’t be making memories ever

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You’re walking past a tea stall, and the chaiwala’s old radio sings Shammi songs. Don’t you feel like telling him, ‘Bro! You made my day!’ You have to step out of the house in heavy rains, and you manage to get a cab at once. Ah! It just makes your day! You wear a new outfit and everyone compliments you, and here you are, smiling all day!

That little smile you see on your mother’s face as she wishes you good bye, neighbour’s dog wagging his tail looking at you, getting a seat in a crowded bus, meeting an old friend after ages, helping a blind man cross the road, winning a bet, having panipuri at the roadside, a small conversation with your crush, morning walks, a perfect coffee, a scrumptious meal, a baby clutching your hand, hot showers, a gripping novel and many such things! Tell me, are they not enough to make your day?

If they aren’t, then I guess you need to pay more attention to these things that have the power to bring a smile on your face, a smile that reaches your eyes. And let me tell you, the best recipe to make your smile reach your eyes is to put it on someone else’s face.

A street child is banging your car window to sell some stupid book and you actually lower the window and buy it. The satisfaction in his eyes is bound to reach yours. Buy flowers for your wife and surprise her out of the blue. Look at her when she is looking at the flowers, the glow on her face would light up your world. Gift your child some toys, but more importantly, gift him your time. Play with him for a while and see how he grows.

The best way to show gratitude to people who make our day is to pass it on. If someone makes you smile, it’s your duty to make others smile. A smile is contagious. If you smile at someone, you’ll definitely get it back. In the process, you’re actually making this world a happier place!

Everyone deserves a little sunshine, everyone deserves to smile, everyone deserves some moments when they can actually put all their pain and worries aside and be happy. All our life, we keep running. As kids, we quickly want to finish our homework and run away with friends to play. As young adults, we are in the quest of becoming something in life. As grown-ups, we want to survive in this competitive world. As parents, we want to provide our children with the best of the facilities, and when we finally reach old age, we have to battle loneliness and ageing. If you close your eyes for a minute, all you can hear is din. This noise is not of the surrounding, it’s the noise of the fight that is going on inside you. When there is so much to do, so much to achieve, so much to conquer, how can we be at peace?

Tell me, what helps us go on then?

It’s these little things that do it. They make sure that the meet us exactly when we need them, to make our day!

sunshine in winter

When winters get too cold, there are unexpected phases of sunshine. When you’re drenched in sweat, cool breeze starts blowing. When you’re tired to no extent, you see a roadside water tap. When you really need money, a friend returns a debt. When you couldn’t make it to a family dinner, you spot a ‘gajre wala’ at night. When you have not eaten all day, Mom makes your favourite dish. When you’re about to give up, you observe an ant climbing a wall over and over again!

Imagine, if not for these small things we could have survived?

So, whenever you’re sad, whenever you feel that things are not fine, don’t wait for someone to come and make your day. Do not while away your time sulking. Do not wait for happiness to knock your door. Instead, make a difference in someone else’s life. Put a smile on someone else’s face. Make someone else’s day.

After all, ‘you made my day!’ is the best thing to hear….


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15 Responses

  1. Saloni Rathod says:

    Amazing….as always…..!! 👍

  2. Rupali Tavkar says:


  3. Vibhuti Ms. says:

    I must say, ” U made my day!”
    Proud of u….keep writing… Best of luck!

  4. Awesome dear keep writing nd best wishes

  5. Bhagyashree Sawant says:

    Very inspirational!!

  6. Diba says:

    Amazing. That’s really good!!

  7. Nadim Dalvi says:

    Amazing thoughts you made my day

  8. Mehreen Siddiqui says:

    Itz Awesome..
    You passed me ua smile and yes “You made my day..!!” 😉

  9. Jyoti Agrawal says:

    Hey Juwes amazing..😍
    Keep writing more dear..😙

  10. Safir dalvi says:

    Superb ..keep it up…:)

  11. Priyanka manglani says:

    Ohh juwayriah, you are still a child at heart that you can find happiness in small things which really amazes me!
    Don’t change!
    Awesome post!
    Keep writing!! 🙂
    Good luck:)

  12. Himanshi Thaker says:

    Pleased to read it .
    great job
    keep writing 😊

  13. Shivangi says:

    U are in my favourite writers’ list! 😉 Your writing is so intriguing to read! <3

  14. Hetal Mistry says:

    Juwariah… Very nicely written …n touching hearts by writing on small events of life…day to day experiences…. I think we all should have such attitude to accept our surroundings… n be happy…..I think u made my day!!
    All the best n keep writing …its ur asset.

  15. Nikita says:

    Simple and eloquent. Both the concept and your skills!! 💙 great going JUWI!

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