Poetry In Motion….

poetry in motion

He has been walk-running since ten minutes. He cannot afford to miss his train. So far it has been a bad day for him. A lot of work at the office; so much so that he is late for his routine train. It has been raining all day, his walk-running has spoiled his clothes and his wife is not going to like it. Missing his train is going to add up his to frustration. He has reached the station now and luckily his train hasn’t left. He manages to get inside and stand properly. A sigh of relief! The train is gaining speed now and so is his imagination.


Bound in restrictions 

Bound in emotions 

Bound in relations 

Bound in legislations 

Free in imaginations!


The rain has caused pleasant changes in his surroundings. He looks out of the window and can feel the petrichor soothe him. The little greenery of his city is looking greener. All his fatigue is going away, he is calm, smiling, lost in his own world!


Who is he but?


He is a city dweller.


A vague answer for his identity, isn’t it? He is a Metonymy. Representing all his fellow city dwellers who keep running all day long and find bliss in these little things.


A city, is like a poetry, a poetry in motion. Speedy, yet beautiful. We’ve seen people writing poems about their villages, describing how peaceful they are, describing their natural beauty, and how the practical aspects of life have lead them towards cities. But don’t you think cities deserve to inspire poets too? Feeding numerous families, bearing the weight of so many people and vehicles, seeping in so much pain, rewarding so much effort and still standing tall isn’t easy. Yes, there is noise, there is movement, there is this speed which makes it difficult to keep pace; but this very speed makes it beautiful.


A city is a place where the sea side will be crowded, yet give you peace. A city is a place where parks would be few, and trees would be fewer, yet their shady presence would make you feel better. A city is a place where lights will replace stars and yet the moon would make you stop and stand.


The citizens are the heart of a city. They make it beat, they keep it alive! They carry huge responsibilities on their shoulders, heavy burdens in their hearts, many commitments in their heads and yet, keep walking, keep moving without stopping, without complaining. They are sleep deprived, they don’t have time for leisure, and so you’ll find them sleeping, reading or watching movies in buses and trains. There may be a storm going on inside them, but you’ll find them on their desk, as they are everyday! Are they not worth being a part of a poetry?


And so, let us make cities and city dwellers feel special. Let’s dedicate few words, decorated into rhymes, applauding them for the million sacrifices they make each day. They deserve a little sunshine too, don’t they?


It’s Saturday night, almost nine

I walk on roads where streetlamps shine

They trace my shadow which walks along

Just like the moon and my childhood song

The most awaited day has arrived

For a Sunday entire week I thrived

With my bed I have a date

Tomorrow morning I’d get up late

You think it’s stupid the way it’s said?

Probably you haven’t been sleep deprived

And so you wouldn’t really know the pain

I’ve been slogging too much for little gain

Travelling long hours being stuck in traffic

Keeping up with all such troubles, to be more specific 

Single headedly I’ve worked so hard

Only one companion I’ve had from the start

My city has been there all along

In all odd times it helped me be strong

And so I and my city are speedy

And we deserve to be an inspiration of this poetry






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9 Responses

  1. Tarannum says:

    Very nice ,after a tiring day a marvelous piece of thoughts refilled my energy. I experienced that I was the part of that journey. Mashaallah, keep it up

  2. Nadim Dalvi says:

    Good observation as travelling to college everday. Nice article keep up good writing.

  3. Asba khatib says:

    Its just amazing to read articles or poems which you have written… your amazing yaa.. keep it up!?

  4. Priyanka manglani says:

    Nicely said juwayriah, Sunday is most awaited day for ppl who travel long hours. Well done! Keep it up!! We are so bounded, yet free in imaginations! 🙂

  5. Ujjwal Bhangare says:

    Awesome juwayriah.Really nice Keep it up :))

  6. Hetal Mistry says:

    Very true we mumbaites always waiting for routine break…nicely written…keep it up.

  7. Sada Dalvi says:

    MaashaAllah ! If our city could read your poetry it would have felt proud of you being it’s companion!

  8. Shivangi says:

    Was reading this while in the train.. A peaceful article was just the right thing for it! 🙂 could completely relate to each word!

  9. Himanshi says:


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