Passion and Profession


One of the most important life decisions that one has to make at a very young age is making a career choice. This turn of life is analogous to standing at a point from which infinite lines can pass. And from those infinite lines, you have to choose one line on which you can walk and reach your destination. The infinite possibilities confuse you. And that is when you make the biggest mistake of your life. You ask for advice.

People advice you to consider scope, monetary benefits and job satisfaction. They tell you that you need a job that can fulfil all your needs. But nobody tells you that you might feel extremely disconnected and mechanical while working. On the other hand, some people encourage you to pursue you passion. They say that you can do your best if you love your job. Every day it motivates you to wake up and achieve newer avenues. But nobody talks about the journey. Nobody would tell you how many sacrifices are required to reach there. Nobody tells you how many times you have to step back before you take a stride. Nobody tells you how difficult it is to hold on to your place when the entire world is pushing you from behind.

All of this, you discover eventually in life. And that is when you start questioning your decision. You start thinking was it right to choose what I have chosen. Am I making the most of my life and my skills?

But let me tell you, these questions are going to pop up, irrespective of the choices you make. Because nothing in this world is perfect. Nothing is ideal.

If you choose money or job security, you may become the CEO of your company, but you would feel that a hole has been bored inside you for you are not pursuing your passion. Maybe you would always feel that you could have been a better pop singer than the one who is a star today. Every time you will return home after a tiring day, a mere look at your guitar would bring back the nostalgia. You would feel the fatigue going away and the memories flooding in.

However, as they say grass is always greener on the other side of the hedge.

If you choose your passion and make it your profession. You would yearn for the job security you won’t have. You would feel that your shoulder is sinking down with responsibilities and you have no means to fulfil them. And eventually, after a long struggle when you do make into the field. You would realise that your passion is being taken for granted. You would realise that the soul you had put into your words in your write up has been taken out by the editor and now only its corpse remains. You would feel helpless in front of the director who would make you act a part you don’t believe in. It would be like cheating with yourself, it would be like trading your passion for money.

And lo! We are back to square one.

Do we choose our passion as a means of a living?

Or do we go with money and job security?

Well, this is an individual decision and a matter of exclusive perception. I don’t have a say in your life choices and you don’t have a say in mine.

However, I do have a ceasefire treaty.

You choose something that stands second best in your life preferences and make it your career. Thus, it is not something you would hate doing all your life and it would give you all the money and security needed. After all, when you’re hungry passion does not transform into food.

At the same time, you do not give up on your passion. You cultivate it as a hobby. You make sure that you take out time for leisure, for your passion, for yourself.

And so, when you reach home after a long and tiring day, you spare few minutes for yourself. You play your music, or write a story, or dance a bit or paint a few strokes. You vent out your fatigue, your worries and your pain. You calm your nerves down and utilise your energy. And when you finally hit the bed, you sleep with a smile….


Passion my friend, should remain passion

Pure from the decors of money

Away from the pride or power

Distant from the mixing of need

Passion should remain a want

A fire that is kindled in your heart

Even after you’ve experienced

A lifetime of misery and trouble

Passion my friend, should remain passion





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    Very good

  3. Very nice ,It’s my prediction that after few years the world will get a doctor with a passionate writer.

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