Time, you old gypsy man!


Time you old gypsy man

Will you not stay?

Put up your caravan

Just for one day!

I had this poem in my sixth grade curriculum, but it makes sense now.

Time waits for no one, we all know it. And yet we want to stop, rewind or fast forward it. Why do we always want the impossible? Why can we not ask for something more realistic?

I feel that the best thing about time is, it passes away.

No moment, good or bad, stays for more than it is supposed to. It comes and it goes away. Without waiting, without stopping.

And yet we cannot come to terms with the pain we are entitled to bear. We are not ready to endure what life has in store for us even for a stipulated period. We forget that this time would pass and joy would knock soon. We forget that night enters into the day. We forget that dusk turns into dawn.

And when we are joyous. We do the same. We never think that this happiness is temporary too. Soon the wheels will turn upside down and troubles, pain and suffering would roll in. We want to stop the time, we want to stay there forever.

We’re selfish, aren’t we?

But our selfishness doesn’t really make a difference.

It cannot change what life has in store for us. How much ever we want to hold on to our joy, it won’t last. How much ever we want our sorrow to go away, it would stay. And when it would be least expected, life would switch their places. Telling us, that there is no forever, but only a NOW.

And time is life’s best friend.

He is ready to work day in day out, without any breaks. He is the biggest healer, the best soother. He can repair the damage life does to us. He is the ointment to every wound life gives us.

In the midst of a hurricane, no one wants to hear that everything would be fine with time. No one believes in its strength. But when the storm cools down, we realise its power. We realise that even though the scar remains, the wound is not bleeding anymore. We realise that the pain has been buried under the dusty layer of time and now we can look ahead with a clear head.

If you look at the cycle of life, you would realise how people and priorities change with time. For a new born, his parents are his world. As he grows up, siblings and friends eventually take up a higher position. Then he finds love and his world revolves around his spouse. And when his own children come into the world, he loves them with all his might. Finally, when his hair turn grey, he turns to God, for now the time to return to him is near. No love stays as it was in its dominant phase. No person remains the same as he was when you first knew him. Time changes everything and everyone, without even letting us realise.

So whatever maybe the situation, just remember that it won’t last forever and hence make the most of it when it is THERE. If you’re happy, touch the skies of ecstasy and float in the clouds of joy. If you are facing troubles then remember that in the dead of the night only the clock ticks. And so, realise the value of joy, learn your lessons, build up your strength and rise again like a phoenix. Do not forget that the time is slipping away, and you have to make the most of it……

They lie when they say forever

So remember that life is now

They’re stupid for they want time to stop

You remember it would go on

They’re fooling you when they say

That your wound would bleed and kill

Don’t worry only a scar would stay

For time is the best pill

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  1. Shivangi says:

    So mesmerising!! And inspiring!! <3 🙂

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