The light of my life

A light that shines always
Brighter than the sun
And even when there is no moon
A light that directs
A light that inspires
A light that shows the way, 
The right way…
Everyone has a light they follow, a star that helps them decide direction where they are in the midst of a rough sea without a compass. And this light is everything they have. A ray of hope in complete darkness, a source of brightness which makes the day brighter even in the presence of the sun. 

It could be anything, a person, a place or even an ambition, that gives this light to a person. This light keeps him glowing, growing and soaring. Just when he is about to quit, this light reminds him why he came this far. When everything seems to go wrong, he turns to this light because this light is home. When his wounds bleed, pain and don’t let him sleep, this light becomes the cure. No man on this earth can live without this light because life never seems to go according to the plan, and when it doesn’t an energy is needed to keep you going. 
But what if that light is lost?
Or worse, what if that light couldn’t be found?
How should a person survive when he cannot see anything? How should he survive when the light of his life has vanished and all he has is utter darkness? It is not possible to do it. What must he do then? Die? Or look for a new source of light? But who is sure that it would last? 
People change, go away, die.
Places are temporary as well, they demolish, degrade, become out of reach.
Ambitions change, or become impossible.
What is permanent then?
However, the good part is, you need this light only till you are a part of this world. When you depart, your struggle with life just ends. Then why not find this source of light within? 
People will leave you, places will not help, ambitions will change, but you will have yourself till the end.
You can look inside for the light that needs to direct you, inspire you, be your home, be your cure.
 You can place your hand on your heart, feel it beating, remind yourself that it is beating for a reason. You were given a life to make a difference on this earth. And hence, you have to keep going, no matter what. When this pumping organ would stop working, it would be your time to leave. Until then, no pain, no suffering, no person, no reason can ever be the reason you stop. 
Do not give the power to destroy you in the hands of anyone but yourself. Be responsible for making and breaking yourself. Peep in from time to time, just to make sure that the light is glowing bright. Do not let it dim. Do not let it disappear. And whenever it may seem that the fire kindled inside is extinguishing, add fuel to it but never let it cool down. 
This is true independence, this is true freedom when you don’t depend on any other thing to guide you, when you become the light of your own life…

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4 Responses

  1. Tarannum says:

    Nice thought,I’m just adding its true the light is within you but this light is God’s consciousness which help you to select the right path and stop you doing wrong when no one is there to see you.

  2. Himanshi Thaker says:

    Gives hope

  3. Shivangi says:

    How can i relate to everything that u write?? Its jus that u r able to connect to the readers with every word! And its an amazing beginning for a true writer! 🙂 loved this one!

  4. Sada Dalvi says:

    Very thoughtfull & very beautiful. It is really important to always be with yourself. Your soul is the ultimate blessing of the GOD. That is the source of your hopes, wishes, wants and everything else what make your life. It is always said that GOD lies within us and so the ultimate source or rather the only source of the LIGHT is within

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