Perceive to Preserve

A botanist opens a flower, and differentiates the calyx and corolla.

A florist holds a flower, and ties a ribbon around it.

A poet sees a flower, and describes its every shade, every curve.

A lover picks a flower, and hands it over to his soul mate.


Artist: Amena Malik

What remained common in all the instances was a flower. What changed was; perception. Each one of us in this world has a unique way of perceiving things. It’s never exactly same for two people. And it is absolutely healthy, isn’t it? Is this not what helps us evolve and survive?

All of us, belong to the same species, yet have different faces. Why? It’s the little differences in the DNA sequencing that make us different people. Thus, being similar is possible; being same is not.

And hence, all of us look at the mountains, oceans, trees and birds differently.

For some, mountains signify strength. For some they are just stubborn.

Some people find oceans deep, some find them salty.

Few of us, like to flow in rivers, the others prefer sitting on the banks.

Some are pulviophiles while some just enjoy the petrichor.

Different personalities, different choices. But the object remains the same. All that we perceive is nature. Be it the landscape, the flowers, the birds, at times even our fellow beings. But have you ever seen anyone trying to comprehend the building he lives in? Or the chair he sits on? Or the desk he works on? Or the bed he sleeps on?


We do not perceive anything we have made. There is nothing more to understand about them. However, there is a lot to understand about the things we haven’t made, the things God gave us decorated on a platter. And I tell you why? Because they present with hidden meanings and signs. Because they are a source of information. Because they teach us how to live.

Moon changing its shape and size every day tells us that each day is different. You may diminish each day but you can still continue to be beautiful. You may even disappear at one time but that is not the end, you’ll come back! And come back so well that one day, you’ll be the brightest thing in the dark night.

The mountains teach us that, the view on the top is worth the pain of climbing up. The trees teach us that, giving can be peaceful. Birds and animals warn us about the upcoming dangers. The sky challenges us to stretch our limits. The clouds tell us, never to stop. Unless you’re heavy and need to pour yourself out.

And the people around us… They tell us, that they are temporary. That they are going to change. That they would not be there forever. They tell us that they’ll put themselves above us and so we should learn to do the same. They show us that good comes to good and evil comes to evil. They teach us that we should learn to forgive; for someday even we will ask for forgiveness. They teach us that smiles do not last very long and so we need to cherish them. They teach us a lot, only if we care to learn.

And yet, you may have a different perception about all of this altogether!

Perceiving, comprehending and understanding nature from all the aspects helps us grow with it and at the same time preserve it. With the changing face of life and upcoming global issues; with the current state of deteriorating relationships; the inner knowledge that comes after individual observation is of greatest importance. No seminar on global warming, no cleanliness drive, no tree plantation rally, and no preserve nature speech would ever motivate you to preserve nature as much as your own love towards it. And this love cannot develop unless you understand what nature has to convey, it cannot happen unless you perceive it in your own way and stand up for your perception. Same is the case with people; if only you try to look at it that way.

All in all, the trees, the birds, the sea, the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the valleys and the people are all blessings. We just need to count them, be thankful about them and try not to lose them…

What may just seem like beauty

Is your need in reality

This nature you use for comfort

Demands a little of your effort                   

Do not give in to what people say

Find your own truth today

To understand what it can deserve

You must perceive to preserve!



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