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The X and Y!


One chromosome that divides the world population into two halves is the sex chromosome. Well, ideally there is a pair of sex chromosomes in the human body one of which is undoubtedly ‘X’ while the other one decides the gender of the child.

So, logically, other 45 chromosomes are the same in every human being, differing at very, very few genetic coding levels.

It means that this ONE chromosome is so great that it makes us devise so many rules for men and women. Or is it not?

Well, when it comes to the length of the hair, or selection of clothing it does make a big difference. Also, biological systems, hormones, muscle power and sexual preferences greatly differ.

So the bottom line is, men and women are different.

Of course they are.

But different to what extent?

In the quest of differentiating them because of that one chromosome, why do we forget that they have 45 similar ones? Why do we forget that each one of us is a human first? Why do we go so far in differentiating that we begin generalising roles and stereotyping men and women?

She is supposed to look after the kids, because she is a woman. He cannot cry in public because he is a man. Really?

Did she produce those kids all by herself? Is he not entitled to have emotions?

She cannot drive properly. He is not supposed to learn classical dancing. She is not supposed to ride a bike. He is not supposed to cook. She is supposed to do household chores. He is NOT supposed to do household chores. Who decided all of this?

If this was not enough then there is so much of feminism and chauvinism to deal with!

We have all got the meaning of word ‘equality’ wrong.

We talk about equality and criticise male chauvinism. And of course it IS wrong. Why in the world should the woman serve the males first and eat later? Why should she OBEY him quietly? Why should she wear what he wants her to, and not wear what he does not want? Why should she give away her right to education? Why should she be the inferior one?

But at the same time, in the light of feminism, why is she doing the same thing? Why does she want to be the superior one? Where is equality now?

Women want the right to work, and also a lot of alimony after divorce to fend for themselves. They want their boyfriends to hold the doors and pull chairs and pay for the dates. Not to forget the misuse of the ‘women’s rights’ propaganda when they accuse men for domestic violence and molestation falsely, forgetting that because of a few false accusations, many real ones can suffer.

I agree, even after entering the 21st century; women have got a lot to deal with. All these stereotypes, judgements and struggles seem never ending. There is transition, but it is slow. However, this transition from suffering to stability is also going in the wrong direction. The world is not a see saw. It is a balance and both sides ought to be equal for the real harmony that has the ability to create wonders for the human kind.

All the men out there need to understand that a woman is not a sex-toy, she is not a maid! She is someone who completes you with her inner strength. Do not think she is weak because you have more of lean mass. She is someone who can fill an atheist with faith, someone who can be your sunshine and lighten up your world. But at the same time, she can become a catastrophe and destroy you.

And all the women need to know that they have to stand up for what is THEIRS. They have to grab the opportunities, take the chances and keep moving ahead. They were not made to follow the rules society has designed for them. But in the process, they also need to be fair. They have to stop demanding superficial chivalry from men and misusing the power which has not even completely been achieved.

So let us all, men and women, be more open minded. Let us all understand equality in its true sense. Today if men weigh more on the universal balance; let us make sure that the whole process stops when the both sides are equal. Let us remind ourselves more often than we do, that men and women are humans first….


Equality is a word

Misinterpreted my men

Manipulated by women

Misunderstood by both

Equality is a word

That says they both are same

In spite of their differences

And so when one falls short

The other can fill the voids….

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