How I spent my Valentine’s…

As usual, I left home for college at 7 a.m. when I read my best friend’s text. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ it said. I checked the date, Oh! 14th February. I wished her back and continued with the activities I had planned for the day. After a hectic day at college, I returned back home only to sink in the couch and stayed there till dinner time. I had daal for dinner and hit the bed on my usual time.

You obviously guessed that I am single. Single, not so ready to mingle. Why?

No, no! No instances of a rough past, getting over an ex or any other complicated situation. And no, I am not even an anti-love or anti-valentine’s day person.

But, why do you need one single day to celebrate your love? No, I am not asking this, but many people do ask this stupid question. I call it stupid because celebrating Valentine’s Day does not mean loving that person only for that one day. It just means making that one day extra-special and memorable.

And hence, as cliché as it may sound, there is no harm in celebrating a day dedicated to someone you really love. There is no harm in red balloons and red roses. It maybe cliché but it is cute.

The only thing that saddens me on this day is the fact that all of this is so superficial and temporary. With endless dating apps that match you even on the basis of your taste in music, innumerable Instagram DMs and Facebook requests; the true essence of love is dying. Communication has seen an exponential growth in a very little time, but conversation seems to have declined.



Nice dp


And say

Nothing you say

In college

Same here

And on and on it goes….

You’re talking all day, no doubt! But where is the conversation? Updating each other about your daily activities can make you get addicted to that person. But falling in love, who are you kidding? Yourself?

Getting addicted to someone is not the same as falling in love. Yes, it gets difficult to imagine your life without them if you are addicted, but you eventually forget.

Love is that profound emotion which is beyond all barriers of time, space and reason. You love them whether or not they are next to you. You love them when they are looking amazing enough to conquer the world and even when they are all sweaty, oily haired and dirty. You love them even when they have just woken up and not even brushed their teeth. You love them when they smile and are kind. And even when they have screamed at you or are being mean!

You love them at their best and also at their worst.

This kind of love is true, deep and forever. It takes real conversations, even if they happen on chat. But it needs more conversations in person; when you are able to see their eyes changing colour, their face forming expressions, their voice changing pitches. It happens when two people are ready to fight against all odds and save their relationship. It happens when one does not give up even when the other disappoints. It is not really about having no fights, expectations or disappointments, in fact it is about how you put your ego aside and go back to them even after the hardest day together.

And trust me, such love exists, because this is what love is, and not the version which is very popular these days…..


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  1. Sada Dalvi says:

    Good job juwi. It’s really true that conversation is dying & people do not know that. Ghalib said Hum ne mana ki tagaful na karoge lek in. Khal ho jayenge tum ki khar hone tak.
    Aap khar toh foren ho jayegi Magar messages aur posts ki bheed mein Uljha dimaagh yun bhi saath nahi de payega

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