Being An Adult


Being an adult is over-rated, or maybe the grass is always greener on the other side of the hedge.


As children, homework, discipline and the fact that we’ve to get early to bed frustrates us. However, the biggest problem then is the control our elders have on our lives. We cannot have anything our way. We have to behave according to our parents when we’re home, and according to our teachers outside of it. Maybe that’s why we love the playtime so much as kids. We get to exercise our free will after all.


But dude, nothing changes even when you grow up. Your decisions aren’t depended on what you want. They’re based on what needs to be done. As children, if you want jelly; you ASK for it. And if Mamma says no, you cry. But as adults, jelly is the last thing on your mind and whatever you want you can’t ask for it. You gotta earn it. And well, adulthood comes with no guarantees. You might not get it anyway and you can’t even afford to cry.


Being an adult, is all about wanting to go to bed early. Being an adult is being chronically sleep deprived and poker faced. Being an adult it trying to be happy but pretending anyway. It is about paying bills and buying cars. It is about getting a career, earning a certain figure salary, and getting “settled” in life! Oh tell me, what are we? Dirt? To settle somewhere?? Why do we have to give in to the social pressures and get married, or have a family? Why is the fear of being lonely and outcaste bigger than waiting for the love we deserve? Why is adulthood so difficult to handle?


It is like coming to a full circle here. Gaining and losing. Trying to perfect everything and forgetting that nothing is ever going to be perfect. Here, we are all more lost than sorted. We are more tired than energetic.


Ironically, we tire ourselves running behind stability when in reality we are made up of the unstable atoms. And why? Because we were all born with inexhaustible hunger, thirst and desires. Hunger for food, love and money. Thirst for power, fame and glory. Desire of ecstasy, lust and luxury. Simple life is a concept covered in books. In real life; it is so rare that it could be attributed as a myth. Who wants a simple life? None of us. We want peace; that’s true but we also want other things, we also need other things. But the other things; well they come with responsibilities and so many responsibilities that you are on the verge of giving up every day. All you want to do is quit and run away….


However, there is no room to run away. We only have the option to work hard and survive. If we don’t then we are out of the chain of evolution. After all only the fittest survive, others are eliminated in natural selection!


And so; adulthood is the real time ugliness of life. There are few moments of happiness that inspire us, that keep us going. Like a log to a drowning man, they shine like fireflies in the dark. Love is rare. And definitely not easy. Yet, love exists. In infinite forms and places. It’s the light of this feeling that acts a driving force which helps us go on. This is what makes us a warrior. This is what that gives us a reason to fight when giving up is the easiest thing to do.


Well, adulthood is nothing like the oasis that we once imagined as children. It is that desert which at the end of the day, in spite of its challenges, is beautiful….


With everything that goes wrong, can go wrong; the struggle is worth it!!


Life is worth it and hence being an adult is worth it, because being an adult, is just an inevitable by-product of a process called life……



I looked out of the window

When I was a child

The rains made my day

And I’d ask Mum if I could play

As I made paper-boats

I changed two dimensions into three

I didn’t even know, I was making a memory….


I looked out of the window

As I entered my teenage

The rains dug out feelings

I’d wouldn’t dare express

That rush of hormones

And the petrichor of first love

I didn’t think this was the trial period

It would be soon pay to play

I didn’t know the mirage

Would soon go away….


I look out of the window

And I am an adult now…

And the rains make me worried

Because trains would slow down

And I’ve to make my own tea

And well rains bring memories

That make it all gloomy…


I will look out of the window

And I will be old and grey

The rains would make my heart full

There’ll be so much I’d want to say

I’ll probably tell my grandchildren

The stories of my rains

That is

If they’d care to hear

And I’ll not have Alzheimer’s


But I’ll look out of the window

Until the day I’d die

And whether there’s rain or not

I would never cry

Because everything I’ve been through

Has made it worth the while

It has celebrated my life because

Here in this world

Only the fittest survive!!!




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