Covid 19 Warriors

The dire situation of the world makes it imperative for me to talk about it. Especailly, since the pandemic arrived at the door step of my close ones, I have felt its presence to have been amplified.

In April, my parent institute, Topiwala National Medical College and B.Y.L. Nair Ch Hospital became a Covid-19 only hospital under the leadership of the Dean Dr Mohan Joshi.

Eventually, the staff, teachers and PG students of Physiotherapy School and Centre, all the people who have taught me, shaped me; joined this battle on 13th May under the guidance of Professor and Head of the Department, Dr Chhaya Verma.

It is not only that they are all working really hard, it is also the fact that they are evolving everyday, moulding themselves as per the demands of this disease. Covid 19, is a mystery for the medical fraternity. We are unfolding truths about this virus right in the middle of the battle field. We are learning and modifying each day and I am glad that Physiotherapy School and Centre is one of the very few physiotherapy centres who are offering acute care physiotherapy services to the Covid 19 patients!

Amidst all the chaos, where frontline healthcare workers are working day in and out; being a physiotherapist I wish to highlight the role of my profession and applaud the work done by the teachers, staff and post graduate students of my college with the help of a small poem:

War has arrived on our door step
And we’ve donned the armour
Grace and determination radiating
From our countenance as we rush
Along the corridors, seeing people
Looking at us with hope
That we’d help their loved ones
And they’ll finally go home
We derive our strength from them
While we stand by the ventilators
Talking to those who can’t respond
But will remember our effort
And the care emanting from our tone
We make breathing a little easier
For those already relying on tubes
And when we change the veiw they have
It is a welcome change from
Staring at the ceiling
They say nothing, but bless us
And hence we thrive, survive!
We do our bit, whether you sing
Our glory songs or not
We do our bit on the battle field
Whether war is won or lost

– Juwayriah Dalvi (Batch 2015-2020)

21 Responses

  1. Tejal Rajandekar says:

    Superbly written!

  2. Jaimala says:

    Very very proud of you. Keep it going, stay safe . All the best wishes to Nair Physiotherapy team

  3. Swati Kubal says:

    Very nicely written

  4. Shilpa Parab says:

    Commendable work how much ever we praise your efforts words are not going to be enough. Proud of you all. Take care and take all good wishes from us.

  5. Gayatri Hattiangadi says:

    Excellent writing by Juwariah! Gives a very good insight into the frontline role of PhysioTherapists in War against Covid 19

    Excellent work. done by PT Dept of TNMC, Nair Hospital.
    You all have become the trailblazers and trendsetters for your profession in Indian scenario.

    All of us at Nair are very proud of youall!!
    May your tribe increase!

  6. Chhaya Verma says:

    Superbly put in words.
    Poem is fantastic.
    U have echoed all our sentiments in d poem.
    Thank u for putting in apt words the efforts put in towards management of pandemic crisis in appropriate words by all of us at ur alma mater ,Nair Hospital.
    Excellent work Juwayriah.

  7. Kalyan Aher says:

    Very nice poem Juwariyah

  8. Srushti Dhoot says:

    I don’t think anyone else could have commemorated the hard work of all our dear ones in such beautiful words!

  9. Nashrah says:

    Words!!! Beautifully written Juwayriah
    …Touched !

  10. Prajakta Mane says:

    Excellent Juwayriah… Superb…Proud to be Nairite

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