Breathe in the Night

The peace in my heart

Resonates with my soul

Touches every part

Till it reaches my whole

Like a Paradox I stare

In this dark night

Seeking glory

Waiting for the light

There is chaos all around

Yet I feel so calm

I’m on the road to

This calmness

Yet there is chaos

On the sidewalks

I have embraced them all

The chaos and the calm

That is when I met

The person that I am

In this beautiful night

There is me, just me

And maybe after years

My demons have been set free

I have been thrown in water

After being in the net

For so long

Like an almost dead fish,

Who just got a shot at life!

I feel alive again,

All at once, and then slowly….

The perfect Anti-Climax

My peace woven story!

So I look for the light

With a foresight

Ending my plight

I breathe in the night……

I breathe in the night….

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  1. Yash says:

    Beautifully written

  2. Priyanka Manglani says:


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